Feature Tour®
Because every vehicle has a unique story to tell.

A powerful new way to differentiate and personalize your inventory beyond price:

  • Reduces margin erosion by helping consumers understand the true value of each vehicle

  • Automatically creates an immersive, personalized tour of each vehicle's most valuable features

  • Highlights key features based on each shopper’s needs and preferences

  • Showcases features and content in a rich, easy-to-understand multi-media format


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Swartz believes the Feature Tour has led to more educated consumers who don’t haggle as much when they come to the dealerships. And online shoppers are sticking around the site for extended periods – 31 minutes in one case – exploring the features. “The consumers are coming in more knowledgeable about our vehicle,” Swartz said. “They can see the condition of the car better. The feedback is that they feel more comfortable taking a longer drive to come see a car than they did when we were just putting up static pictures."
- Bob Swartz | CEO
Featured in Automotive News & trusted by the most prominent names in the industry.